Do we have to use your food and beverage provider?

No. You can bring your own provider, use ours, or a mix of the two. We try to be this flexible with all of our services.

Yes! We also have affiliates who stock wedding decor at a competitive price if you are having trouble with ideas.

Yes! We have an area for that outdoors.

We ask that nothing run past 11PM. We also offer a cleanup service so when you are done with the reception; you can gather your belongings and depart without worrying about the mess. 

If we cannot provide you with the rentals you like we will allow you to bring in your own. We try to blend both a cost advantage and convenience with our rental service. It’s almost impossible to say no.

We require a non-refundable deposit of $500 which would be applied to the venue cost, as well as a signed contract. 

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