Yay or Nay to a Holiday Weekend Wedding?

 As we celebrate the beginning of 2020 in a brand new decade, chances are many of you are celebrating new beginnings, too. He popped the question, she said yes, and now you’re planning to begin your lives together as husband and wife.  Are you leaning towards a wedding date that falls on a holiday weekend? If so, there is much to consider. Riverside Pines is open from May through September, so with a few holidays that fall in-between, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons.

Because your wedding date will undeniably be significant for the rest of your life, make sure it will be a date you won’t get tired of associating with a holiday. While it may be easier to remember, it will also be a date you’ll share with a whole lot of people who will be celebrating the holiday rather than the day you were wed.  Since holiday weekend wedding dates are typically in demand, we suggest that you book your wedding venue first, but be aware that availability may be scarce if you’re working with a relatively short-term time frame.  It’s always best to prepare and book well ahead of a holiday weekend wedding so you’ll have the greatest chance of securing your dream venue.

Sending out ‘save the date’ cards is recommended, and don’t hesitate mailing them even if it’s a year in advance of your wedding date.  Plan to send out your wedding invitations at least 12 weeks prior to the big day, which will, again, give your guests time to make ample preparations to attend.  An additional thought…if you will be sending “adults only” invitations to your wedding, you may want to consider that guests needing to secure child care for their little ones may have a more challenging time finding help on a holiday weekend.  Another thing to keep in mind if you are setting the date for a Summer holiday weekend, is that you’ll need to incorporate some smart wedding planning into your preparations. If your dream is to hand out small sparklers or dazzle your guests with an all-out fireworks display, check your State and local fireworks laws to make sure you have the proper permits to do so, and there are some venues that might have policies restricting even small sparklers and candles. Do a little research, then discuss all your options with your venue.  If fireworks aren’t your vibe, it might not be a bad idea to see if there will be any going off near your wedding site, then plan accordingly. If there’s nothing you can do about the neighboring country club’s big, booming display, then it wouldn’t be wise to plan important, sentimental wedding moments (the vows, your first dance, a prayer, the best man speech, etc.)  during the festive explosion of sight and sound.

You may also find that vendor fees like florists and entertainment will likely be increased during popular holiday weekends because they know it’s such a popular time, so if you’re being conscientious about sticking to your budget, you may want to plan your wedding on a less popular weekend.  A great perk are the endless options available to decorate with beautiful holiday-themed details from the flower arrangements and venue decorations to more subtle things like the color of your bridal shoes or holiday socks for all the groomsmen.  If you are patriotic, a Fourth of July wedding with tasteful Americana accents and sparklers could be a stunner, while a Labor Day weekend wedding would surely shine with bouquets of sunflowers and hints of Autumn.

You might also wish to incorporate the holiday weekend’s theme into your wedding by hosting a 4th of July cookout for your rehearsal dinner or reception, then add theme drinks and menu items, as well.  An example would be offering a cocktail choice named after the holiday such as a Cinco de Mayo if you’re getting married around the 5th of May, or ‘Red, White and Blueberry’ for Independence Day. If you plan to hire entertainment for your event, you may also ask the entertainers to incorporate some theme-matching music into your wedding’s playlist.

Are most of the people on your guest list local? If not,  consider that air travel and hotel costs may be significantly higher during any popular, public holiday.  Hotels, especially, may book early and be expensive. Holiday weekends are something most people look forward to, especially those in the working world who are counting down the days until their blessed free day off, but keep in mind that may have already reserved that time for something special.  While your guests may really want to come to your wedding, they’ve already planned something on a holiday weekend that is equally as important to them. This can be a really tough decision for someone to make, and although your immediate family will surely be there whatever day you choose, friends and colleagues may have a harder time deciding. Solve this problem by having your wedding a week later or earlier. Whatever date you ultimately choose, the truth is, most people love weddings and you’ll still end up with a wedding to remember and guests who will be ready to put on their dancing shoes no matter what!  We value your love story and are here to help you!